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Debra Coppinger HillJust added a link to the website “Always Cowboy,” which is home to some great content by cowboy poets Debra Coppinger Hill and Robert Keene. Find it in the bar on the right, under “Jesse’s Links.” When I was editing American Cowboy, I heard Debra’s name mentioned often, and always favorably.

Was very honored to have a book dedicated to me recently. The book, Rod Miller’s excellent collection entitled Things a Cowboy Sees, was reviewed for The Fence Post by Candy Moulton last week. Find that review here.

Site has now exceeded 11,000 hits over its lifetime, which stands at about a year and four months.

A book review written by your humble scribe was given prominent placement on an influential e-magazine’s landing page. To see it, click here.

Milestone Achieved! In February this site recorded its 10,000th pageview!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who visits Something Solid ( Hoping to hit yet more milestones soon!

I do believe that my best article (to date) on this site is my article on Political Correctness. Find it here.

The most recent edition (Issue No. 4) of Something Solid e-newsletter went out Wednesday night, Dec. 29, to 600+ recipients. It’s free to anyone who registers on this website or who sends me an email address and asks to be added. I can be reached at jfm at

Currently have 564 Google-indexed pages on this site, per

Tue. night, 8/17/10: Just transmitted Issue 3 of the e-newsletter a couple of hours ago. So happy to have it in circulation. Getting lots of hits on the site right now. If you did not get a copy of the e-newsletter in your email inbox, you can find its contents by going to the pull-down menu called “Site Specific.”

Would prefer that you be getting the newsletter itself, because there is info there that my contents page does not have. Send me your email address (at jfm at and I’ll add you to the list to get the free e-newsletter. It is handled through Constant Contact, so unsubscribing is easy.

8/9/10: Having a big day of traffic. So far have had 82 unique visitors, making more than 100 pageviews. Will hit the 5,000 mark for pageviews (for the life of this site, which is still well under a year old) probably sometime tonight. Working on final portions of forthcoming e-newsletter. Be sure to send your email address if you are not already a recipient. It’s free and it’s chock-full of good stuff. Send request to me at jfm at Thanks!!!!

I’m trying to be the last journalist in America to write about IPads and e-readers but I feel my resistance slipping.

Chesterton’s full remark (most of which is cited above) is as follows: “Merely having an open mind is nothing; the object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.” He was right. Having an open mind is only a means to an end. Without that end, we open our minds for no worthwhile purpose. This site is for people with not just open minds but with inclinations to arrive at their own definite opinions, worldviews, philosophies, and even theologies. These are the real payoffs of having an open mind.

I hope you will bookmark this site and, if you care to do so, please leave your email address so that I can send a newsletter I am preparing. Either register in the column at right or drop me a note at jfm at

Check back soon! So glad to have made this connection with you, neighbor! – Jesse Mullins, Jr.

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