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RECENTLY I SENT THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE to some 30 buyers/readers of my first book. The message is about my second, and forthcoming book, called Original Reason. I inquired with those readers because I wanted to see if any would like to receive an advance, prepublication copy of the forthcoming book. I am hopeful of getting some feedback before committing to a publication schedule for the book. Not everyone who gets one of these advance copies needs to send me feedback, but if I get enough of them out there I am sure to get some helpful responses, and that is the point. It occurred to me, after circulating this message, that I could post it here on my website, and if someone is browsing this site and has an interest in the book, then they could contact me and I will make available to them to same offer I am making to those past book buyers. So here is the information:

It’s been seven years since I published my book Rightly Divided. You were among the first to get the book. Hard to believe so much time has passed!

I have finally written another. It is called Original Reason. It is about salvation,about the covenants, and about Christ as the Second Adam. It covers a lot of ground and deals with some major themes. And it makes a case against original sin (hence the title). I uncover a lot that hasn’t been said before—on all those subjects. Might change the title still but for now that is it.

Cost is $10.00 – that’s as much shipping and handling as anything. I’m assembling these copies here and I put something more than $10 into each one. Mainly just trying to get some out there so I see what the reaction is. The front and back covers are laminated and the front is marked clearly “Not for Sale.” That’s because I have not committed to a publisher or a publication date, yet. I’m treating the $10 as shipping and handling, as I said. The manuscript is a comb-bound, Kinko’s-style version—I’m not at the paperback stage. But the book is complete. It is approximately 140 pages long.

I’m trying not to make value statements about the book because I don’t want to steer the feedback / reception too much.

I just want to get a trickle of copies out into the public to start to see what kind of reception it is going to get. This will help me decide how to proceed with it… whether to work with a publishing house or just go direct to the public, as I did with Rightly Divided. You wouldn’t have to give me a book report. 🙂  If one in five does that, I’ll be fine.

Whether you are interested in another book or not, I’d just like to re-establish contact, share the news I’ve shared, and update my records.

Some personal news: A year ago I married the most wonderful woman in the world—Kit Lawson, now Kit Mullins. She is a Vice President of Technology for World Bible School. It is because of my marriage to her that my home is now in Abilene, Texas, where she has lived most of her life. I really love it here myself.

Thank you so much for being supportive of me in the past. Hope to hear from you!


Jesse Mullins


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