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Editor in Chief at American Cowboy Magazine

4 visible recommendations for this position:

“I had the pleasure of working with Jesse Mullins during my tenure at American Cowboy magazine. Jesse demonstrates qualities that exemplify a true professional. He is a person of integrity who presents a sincere desire to do a top-notch job. Jesse is a thorough planner, always prepared and always met deadlines. He always went above and beyond the task at hand. He is easy to get along with and built solid relationships with those he came in touch with whether it was someone being interviewed or a co-worker. Jesse is committed to giving his best in all areas. He presents an energetic and enthusiastic attitude that will be present each day. It is without hesitation that I recommend Jesse Mullins.” March 8, 2010

Krista Jorgenson, Director of Marketing and Promotions, American Cowboy, worked indirectly for Jesse at American Cowboy Magazine


“Jesse Mullins is one of those unique editors that every photographer loves to work with. His encouraging, positive personality and editing style is infectious, and helps make the story better. In many instances I was asked to write a story to go with my pictures, and he always took my “AP style” reporting and transformed those words into a nicely crafted magazine feature. We’ve both moved on to new things, but I will always cherish those days having him as my editor.” February 27, 2010

Ira Gostin, MBA, Creative Director, Principal, Gostin Productions, LLC, was a consultant or contractor to Jesse at American Cowboy Magazine


“I worked with Jesse Mullins at American Cowboy magazine. He was always a very professional person to work with and was well respected by our whole team. His strong writing and editorial skills contributed to the success of the organization. In my writing career, I often look to Jesse’s work as a source of great inspiration. .” January 5, 2010

Susan Stopher, Account Manager, American Cowboy Magazine, worked indirectly for Jesse at American Cowboy Magazine


“I had the pleasure of working with Jesse Mullins when he was Editor-in-chief at American Cowboy magazine. Over the past several years, he provided us, the sales staff, with creative, intelligent and passionate content, to build a superb magazine around. I never hesitated to call with a quick question or concern, as I knew I would be treated with warmth & respect every time. I talked frequently with our devoted readers and they repeatedly complimented and commended Jesse’s work, often mentioning that they had kept every single back issue, just to preserve his stories. He was both personable & very professional to work with.” Aug. 23, 2011
Becca Wodrich, regional sales manager at American Cowboy Magazine

“Jesse Mullins is the consummate professional and a very gifted writer. I had the opportunity to be on a press/media trip with him in Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in May 1996. He also contacted me for photographs I had taken of Baxter Black and others which he published in AMERICAN COWBOY issues. He’s an amazing journalist.” March 22, 2010

Charlene Faris, Owner, Charlene Faris Photos and Art, worked with Jesse at American Cowboy


Editorial Director at Collector’s Mart Magazine

1 visible recommendation for this position:

“Jesse was the consummate manager and editor while I worked for him at Collector’s Mart Magazine. Under his direction I grew greatly as a writer and editor. Besides leading our team, Jesse was a mentor and collaborator who encouraged us all to continue to improve our communications skills.” January 10, 2010

Lisa Haley, Magazine Writer/Assistant Editor/Editorial Director, WEB Publications, reported to Jesse at Collector’s Mart Magazine

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