Eastwooding PicIf I were to say that I’ve been Eastwooding longer than Clint Eastwood has been Eastwooding, well, I’m sure that would cause people to think to themselves, hey, this dude is cooler than Eastwood. Now, I’m not exactly saying that I’ve been Eastwooding longer than Clint has, because I’m still trying to decide if an admission of longtime Eastwooding is really what I want to have associated with my public image. At the same time, it might be noticed that I haven’t excluded either possibility (that is, of Eastwooding for a longer time than Clint, or not), yet. Remember, I did begin this by saying “If I were to  say…” And I guess if I’m ever going to make a definitive pronouncement on this matter, my position might be one that takes into account whichever verdict – cooler or not-cooler – my large and discerning public decides is really the proper conclusion to be drawn. Meanwhile, though, while you’re here you will observe (see photo below) that this blogger is bold enough to let this four-legged home furnishing know that it cannot easily fool those of us who are sufficiently Eastwood-like to confront any kind of chair-chicanery.

Eastwooding Pic Loser Sign



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