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My partner and better half Kit is the prime mover and main creative force at Jemully Media. Kit put World Bible School on the internet map when she created, from scratch, their web presence. For 16 years she was Vice President in charge of Internet and Information Technology for that ministry, which served as many as 2 million students worldwide at a time.

For your FANTASTIC discount that you receive because you’re a privileged recipient of this e-newsletter, read on. We’re talking about 50 percent off our published prices for building a website or a full 66 percent off the cost of a website audit/analysis, if you already have a website in active operation. To obtain your discount, email kit (at) or jesse (at) and mention this offer. Use (or mention) the email address/mailbox where you received this newsletter. We’ll match that email address against our database and confirm your eligibility.

To see pricing on websites, go to this page and view the rate for the “Professional Website Package.” It’s the one that is described in the column on the left. Find the price and take half off of that. To get a gander at some of the outstanding sites we’ve built for clients of ours, go here.

For the Website Audit and Analysis, visit this page and, again, look to the column on the left. That’s the product we’re offering. Check out the price and know that you’ll only have to pay ONE-THIRD (!) of that. We’re not talking much money, but the rewards to you will be considerable. A website audit is a unique product created by Jemully Media. We run a battery of tests and analyses and produce a 10-page (or longer) report that tells you not just your site’s strengths and weaknesses (if any), but some strategies for getting even better performance out of it.


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