There is a paragraph that follows this one. That paragraph was inserted months ago, when I opened this post as a “Placekeeper” post. I’m adding this line just to explain that, and to add some copy to this test page. I will try to insert a pdf into this page where I would normally insert a jpg photo.

Jemully ad as a test
Jemully ad, converted from pdf to a jpg, for this test. Trying to place this jpg into an article post just as I would place a photo jpg into an article post.

If you receive this as an RSS feed, I apologize. But I need to create some “blank” articles for forthcoming posts I am going to do. Creating a “blank” means that an RSS feed goes out to people who have subscribed for the RSS feed on my website, I do not want to release some of these articles before my newsletter is transmitted. But I have to create URLs for the various newsletter articles I’ll circulate. Later I’ll insert the actual article into this space and change the heading and send out the newsletter. Watch for the actual articles when I publish the next edition of Something Solid e-newsletter. Thanks!


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