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I've been excited to put my writing, communications, and marketing skills to work in an enterprise (Jemully Media) that Kit (my bride) and I own. Scroll down to see more. But don't forget to check out the articles in this excellent issue. Some strong stuff here. Thanks, and until next time, may the Good Lord be with you!

Since visiting with you last, I’ve been sooooo busy! I’ve picked up a second magazine that I now edit (both are handled on a freelance basis) and I edited a Christian book (it’s discussed in this newsletter). That was a for-hire project and my first gig as a book editor, but I am ready to tackle more, so tell your author friends that we’re open for business on that front. And I’ll be writing more about Stanley W. Paher (that author) and his book in a later issue of Something Solid.

I’ve also started a blog, and I’ve posted about seven pieces since starting that a month or so ago. Find them here.

As usual, you’ll find a menu below that’ll take you to any of the articles that appear in the newsletter you opened. So glad to have you back! I’m hoping the next installment of Something Solid will come quicker than this one did. Meanwhile, please use the Social Sharing buttons you’ll find on any page of this website to invite others here. Or forward the newsletter – that’s even better. Thanks again, and enjoy!

For the personality profile on acclaimed author Nancy Pearcey, click here on in the picture. This article has gone viral, having racked up 112 “likes” or other links from Facebook. I quote national columnist David Limbaugh and some other heavy hitters in this piece.

Nancy Pearcey






For the Q-and-A with author and publisher Stanley Paher, with discussion of Carl Ketcherside, Leroy Garrett, and Edward Fudge thrown in, go here. I taped the interview at the Summit Lectureship at Abilene Christian University. Leroy Garrett (not shown here) was a speaker at this event, and Leroy’s working relationship with the late Carl Ketcherside was a big topic. Stan Paher (seen at left) is now a publisher of some of Garrett’s work, including his provocative and popular What Must the Church of Christ Do to Be Saved?

Paher with Fudge

Paher convos with Fudge at Abilene Christian University's "Summit" Lectureship, where Fudge was a featured speaker. Fudge's sessions, incidentally, were packed. At one talk where your scribe was in attendance, some of the crowd had to listen from outside the classroom door.


Ketcherside in his early career.


For our review of Tim Alsup’s book Baptism 101, click here.

Baptism 101











What is Truth? Find out here.

what is truth








For your FANTASTIC discount that you receive because you’re a privileged recipient of this e-newsletter, read on. We’re talking about 50 percent off our published prices for building a website or a full 66 percent off the cost of a website audit/analysis, if you already have a website in active operation. To obtain your discount, email kit (at) or jesse (at) and mention this offer. Use (or mention) the email address/mailbox where you received this newsletter. We’ll match that email address against our database and confirm your eligibility.

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