Twitter Manifesto

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Dear Person-Who-Came-Here-Because-I-Followed-Your-Twitter-Account-and-You-Followed-Me-Back-And-Then-I-Direct-Messaged-You-With-A-Greeting-That-Said-You-Get-the-Gold-Star-and-Ended-in-a-Link-That-Took-You-Here:


I chose to follow your Twitter account because it looked interesting, but there were other traits to your tweets that convinced me you are worth following. The main ones being because you are someone who is:

(A) Thoughtful (as in “you’ve given some thought to it”) in what you share.

waving hand(B) Original – your tweets are largely your own messages, as opposed to other people’s messages that you’ve forwarded or retweeted.

(C) Realistic. You don’t “follow” thousands  : – )  of people. As if anyone could actually follow thousands of tweetstreams.

(D) Considerate. You don’t do the @so-and-so  thing all day long. That is, you don’t fire off barrages of remarks aimed at lone individuals, but “tweeted” to everyone. When I see @so-and-so type remarks filling a tweet stream, I am inclined to just pass on by.  Nothing “wrong” with it. I just don’t feel like sifting through those person-to-person convos.

(E) Sparing. You don’t tweet just to keep the flow going.

Now, I cannot claim that everyone I follow fits these parameters. But as of January I am shifting my focus and looking for people who tend to do so.  I try to practice these things myself and I think Twitter would be a more interesting place if more people did likewise. I decided I want to gravitate toward the more unique, personal twitter accounts.

Anyway, it was these sorts of things that got me to thinking and led to this Gold Star award that – yes, I know, I know – is making you just bust with pride right now.

Gold starSo I guess this was a longwinded way (sorry!) of saying that my own tastes in Twitter are getting more defined all the time, and I’m happy to say that any recipient of this message is someone on whom I confer – yes, here it comes – my own vaunted, venerated Gold Star and Seal of Twitter-Approval. (Coat-of-arms to come eventually… maybe.) Go, my worthy, and may your tweet stream flow merrily, and worthily, along. Your (new) friend, Jesse

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