John Welch at Renderbrook Ranch headquarters

VIDEO: John Welch / The Ranch That Barbed Wire Built

  • Sumo

The accompanying video is a chat with John Welch of Spade Ranches, at the historic Renderbrook Spade Ranch south of Colorado City, Texas. Filmed near the springhouse at ranch headquarters. Renderbrook is known as “the Ranch That Barbed Wire Built,” so called because its founder in 1889 was I.L. Ellwood, one of the original patent holders of barbed wire. Behind the camera, asking the questions, is the host/producer/proprietor of this website, Jesse Mullins, who also interviewed Welch and other Spade Ranch employees for the cover story (this month’s – May 2011) of Texas Coop Power Magazine, the largest circulated magazine in Texas (1.2 million). Click here to be taken to that story. For yet more coverage of Renderbook, see “Under the Spade Brand,” a recent post to this site. For more videos from the Renderbrook project, click the Videos tab above.

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