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Political Correctness: Its Cause and Its Cure   1158

Book Review: Alive in the Spirit                          1156

Book Review: Christianity in Crisis                   1152

The Doctrine of Earthen Vessels                        1150

Repentance is Always Possible                           1148

In Praise of Praise                                                   1144

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On 8/17/10 I transmitted Something Solid e-newsletter, Issue #3. For the newsletter itself, go here. For a Contents page that supplies links to the articles featured in that edition, go here. Or you can pick from any of the following links, which cover the same articles.

For the study on The Biggest Misunderstanding About Jesus, click here. This is, for me, an important doctrinal exploration.

For the profile on author John R. Erickson, click here. Major profile on an important American writer. More than two dozen delightful, engaging photos. But the message is what matters most in this piece. If you have any interest at all in the culture wars, you’ll want to know the penetrating views of this highly original, highly perceptive Heartland writer, humorist, rancher, and thinker.

For the commentary called Social Gospels to the Side, click here.

For my tongue-in-cheek bit on Chicken-Fried Bacon, click here.

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On Sat., 5/29/10, I posted this essay: “One Nation Under God: What Does the Statement Mean?”  For that piece, click here.

On 5/26/10, I posted this new opinion piece:  “Atheism Gets a Facelift?” It is my response to an article I encountered online. Find it (my piece) here.

For any or all of the content of my most recent (second issue) e-newsletter (not the newsletter itself, but the stories that it announces), go here. There you will find links to these articles: “Though He Be Dead, He Yet Speaks,” “Keeper of the Flame,” and “The Gospel as Free Will, Part II.”

After posting the article on artist Jon McNaughton (“Keeper of the Flame”), I defended the artist against a web-circulated criticism of his work. That article (posted 5/15/2010) appears here.

For any or all of the content of the the premiere issue (March edition) of Something Solid, go to this page. There you will find the “Getting Acquainted” content, and, below that, links to all other articles in that issue. Those articles are “The Gospel as Free Will – Part I,” “About the Editor,” “Coming Attractions,” and “A Christian Writer’s UnChristian Writings.”  Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter by sending me an email with the word “subscribe” in the subject line. If you care to share your name and some contact information, and a little bit about yourself, that is welcome too. Not required. Just welcome. Thanks!

To go straight to my series on “The Gospel as Free Will,” go here for Part I and here for the concluding Part II.

Just to lighten the contents up a bit, I am posting a couple of humor pieces I wrote back when I was starting out as a writer. Here’s the link for “In the Yellow Pages, Under ‘Writers.'” Here is the link for “A Crossword Dropout Says His Buh-Bye.”

Here’s another “throwaway” piece – just a squib I tossed off about Chicken-fried Bacon. Yes…. Bacon. (7/27/10)

As an experiment, I am posting portions of my forthcoming book, tentatively titled Original Reason.  For the introductory pages and the first three chapters click here. For chapters 4-6, click here. For chapters 7-9, click here.

For a list of topics to be covered in upcoming installments of the new Something Solid newsletter, see this.

There’s been a long-running trend in journalism toward use of unnamed sources, and that practice is part of the ongoing deterioration of the fourth estate, a decline that was much on display in the national media’s handling of the Tiger Woods scandal. If the traditional, mainstream media is going to give up its standards and get down on all fours with the tabloids, then is it any wonder that the tabloids and the blogosphere – neither of which are famous for stringent journalistic practices – are overtaking much of what’s left of the mainstream media? For some analysis of the root of the problem, see this piece.

For a news release and some testimonials on my book Rightly Divided, click here.

For the preface, first two chapters, and selected excerpts from Rightly Divided, go here.

Probably the most amazing physical phenomenon I have ever witnessed—and ever will—occurred on Aug. 10, 1972, when I was yet a teenager and was working as a horse wrangler on the Heart Six Guest Ranch in northwestern Wyoming, a few miles from the settlement of Moran. I witnessed what has been called the nearest approach of an asteroid ever observed. It is now known as “the Great Daylight Fireball of 1972,” and the details of its flight across the sky are well documented.

Here’s a little observation I tossed off recently, a nature article I did on a confrontation between a tarantula and a toad. It’s a story with a strange twist.

For a hodge podge of observations, wise and otherwise : – ), see these Passing Thoughts.

For a sampling of  (just) the opening pages of my forthcoming book, Original Reason, see this page. This is a much-abbreviated version of what you would find if you linked to the various chapters (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) that are already posted (see item above).

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Welcome, Neighbor!                                              1258

Political Correctness: Its Cause and Its Cure   1158

Book Review: Alive in the Spirit                          1156

Book Review: Christianity in Crisis                   1152

The Doctrine of Earthen Vessels                        1150

Repentance is Always Possible                           1148

In Praise of Praise                                                   1144

Chicken Fried Bacon                                          832

Social Gospels to the Side                                 829

Nature’s Amazing Ways                                   781

Welcome to Something Solid enewsl            732

One Nation Under God                                     721

Atheism Gets a Facelift?                                   715

Social Justice? Or something higher?         706

A Study in Salvation, Part I                            224

A Study in Salvation, Part II                          228

A Study in Salvation, Part III                        693

Going Places (Welcome, Issue 2)               628

Gospel as Free Will, Part I                           234

Gospel as Free Will, Part II                         552

Keeper of the Flame                                      465

Though He be Dead, He Yet Speaks        413

Crossword Dropout                                     400

Lighter Slice of the Writing Life              398

Getting Acquainted   (newsl. Issue 1)    295

Christ’s Humanity: A New View             214

The Biggest Misunderstanding About Jesus           168

Upcoming Topics                                                            163

Interested in Advance Copy Original Reason?       159

New Book: Original Reason                                        152

Unnamed Sources Sully Journalism – and Life     123

Passing Thoughts                                                           113

Media Release and Testimonials for Rightly Divided   97

Wonders Never Cease                                                            91

Preview the Opening Pages of my forthcoming book   82

Rightly Divided: Preface, Chaps 1 & 2, plus Excerpts   64