REBEL: The Last American Novel

Book Review: REBEL: The Last American Novel

Rebel: The Last American Novel; by T.L. Davis; 12 Round Publishing, Montrose, Colo., 275 pages, trade paperback. Life never affords enough comfort or security to youth that they can pass through their nonage without some acquaintance with the sterner side of human existence. For some, that acquaintance can come even in the tenderest of years. But for anyone, even the sheltered and mostly grown, life shows its rougher edges soon enough. And so by our teens we are all awakened to the insensitivities that life can visit upon us. How we respond to that awakening defines our character. “You’re a

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Can You Guess What This Is?

I had been growing them for, oh, three years or so before it struck me just how early the fruit appears. Yes, if you are “playing along,” the answer to my question, “Can you guess what this is,” is… grapes. The accompanying photo shows a grape cluster as it looks

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Love Jesus, Hate Religion?

What’s with the new anti-“religion” sentiment? Maybe you’ve noticed it yourself. There has appeared—in conversations and statements on the web—an oddly pejorative treatment of the words “religious” or “religion.” I’ve started collecting them and I’ll share my first four (first that I’ve saved) here: From a person’s tagline on Twitter:

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We Need a New Word for “Terrorism”

Will the latest massacre at Fort Hood again be labeled simply “workplace violence”? Given the intense criticism that the White House received for the way it blocked any attempts of officials to label Nidal Hasan’s actions at Fort Hood in 2009 as terrorism, one would think that the White House

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Below appear my basic ideas that will be fleshed out in a book that I am tentatively calling Testimony. Testimony Copyright 2014 Jesse Mullins Revelation and testimony are two different things. For Christians today, revelation lies in the past. It is what transpired between God and the human being who

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Review: The Inventor and The Tycoon

My review of Edward Ball’s latest work, The Inventor and the Tycoon, was one of the earliest reviews to be published on this new duo-biography – of Edward Muybridge and Leland Stanford. Muybridge was the inventor of stop-action photography and, later, motion pictures. Stanford – he of Stanford University fame

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500th Follower

Just this afternoon I welcomed my 500th follower on Twitter. See my Twitter page here. My most recent tweet was about my first book review at True West magazine, as their new Book Editor. To see that article, go here. I wrote about Larry McMurtry’s latest effort, a biography of

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Sam Elliott on the set of The Ranch

On the Set with Sam Elliott

Yesterday I received this photo from my longtime friend Robert Guernsey, who is a cameraman on the Netflix sitcom The Ranch. That’s Sam Elliott, star of the series, in the center. Robert is on the right and his first assistant cameraman, Vito De Palma, is on the left. This was taken during the last week of shooting before summer hiatus was to begin (in May). Robert showed Sam a back issue of American Cowboy magazine that I had sent him. The issue (JA99) had Sam as its cover story. Sam wasn’t aware that Robert and I had any connections, but as soon as Robert mentioned to Sam that Jesse Mullins had written the article (I interviewed Sam in Palm Springs – this was many years ago), Sam replied, “I know Jesse. In fact, I’ve seen him two other times since this article was done.” That’s true – I visited with Sam on at the Western Heritage Awards in Oklahoma City on two different occasions. Sam autographed the magazine cover for Robert, and that’s why Robert is displaying it in this shot. Thanks, Robert, for sharing this. Fun stuff.

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