REBEL: The Last American Novel

Book Review: REBEL: The Last American Novel

Rebel: The Last American Novel; by T.L. Davis; 12 Round Publishing, Montrose, Colo., 275 pages, trade paperback. Life never affords enough comfort or security to youth that they can pass through their nonage without some acquaintance with the sterner side of human existence. For some, that acquaintance can come even in the tenderest of years. But for anyone, even the sheltered and mostly grown, life shows its rougher edges soon enough. And so by our teens we are all awakened to the insensitivities that life can visit upon us. How we respond to that awakening defines our character. “You’re a

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Nancy Pearcey: A Q&A

The author of Total Truth and Saving Leonardo shares her thoughts on the New Yorker’s controversial and disparaging profile of Michele Bachmann, a profile that (some say) tried to marginalize Pearcey and her one-time teacher/mentor Francis Schaeffer. This interview was conducted Aug. 16, in the week following the appearance of the

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Thrice Anointed

In Acts 2:36, we find Peter speaking these words: “Therefore let all the house of Israel know for certain that God has made Him both Lord and Christ—this Jesus whom you crucified.” We tend to pass over this verse without noticing what it says. But if we examine it closely,

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The Ranch That Barbed Wire Built

Neighbor, it’s been a long time. The longest time, really, between issues to have intruded into the slightly-more-than-a-year that I’ve been e-publishing Something Solid. Thanks for being patient. I’ve been busy! You may have noticed already that two new endeavors now occupy my time: the editor’s role at Permian Basin

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The Godly Woman’s Guide

Terri Temple, award-winning magazine publisher and the author of 31 Days to a New You in Christ (Xulon Press: 2007), announced the release of her new online magazine and website targeting godly women entitled The Godly Woman’s Guide. The mission of the new online magazine is to build up the

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Much Ado About Nothing

Okay, you’ve caught me in full on-the-fly mode. I am prepping the August 2011 issue of Something Solid e-newsletter and I have to fill this spot on my page with something to simply serve as a “placeholder.” Oh, the challenges of doing a website’s back end. : – )  The

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Sam Elliott on the set of The Ranch

On the Set with Sam Elliott

Yesterday I received this photo from my longtime friend Robert Guernsey, who is a cameraman on the Netflix sitcom The Ranch. That’s Sam Elliott, star of the series, in the center. Robert is on the right and his first assistant cameraman, Vito De Palma, is on the left. This was taken during the last week of shooting before summer hiatus was to begin (in May). Robert showed Sam a back issue of American Cowboy magazine that I had sent him. The issue (JA99) had Sam as its cover story. Sam wasn’t aware that Robert and I had any connections, but as soon as Robert mentioned to Sam that Jesse Mullins had written the article (I interviewed Sam in Palm Springs – this was many years ago), Sam replied, “I know Jesse. In fact, I’ve seen him two other times since this article was done.” That’s true – I visited with Sam on at the Western Heritage Awards in Oklahoma City on two different occasions. Sam autographed the magazine cover for Robert, and that’s why Robert is displaying it in this shot. Thanks, Robert, for sharing this. Fun stuff.

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