Quips and Quotes

First my own sayings. Then some favorite lines from some of the greats. I know better than to FOLLOW those acts! (That’s ACTS, not CATS.

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Abraham Lincoln

God Blessed America

God Blessed America In a world where the mere mention of God in a public setting or context can draw more concern and dismay than

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Debra Coppinger Hill

Assorted and Sundry

Just added a link to the website “Always Cowboy,” which is home to some great content by cowboy poets Debra Coppinger Hill and Robert Keene.

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Jesse Mullins and John Erickson

It Just Gets Better

Here you go… you’re in! And I’m glad. Thanks for being an active reader of Something Solid. You’ll find all the same links here that you saw highlighted on the

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Jesse Mullins, Abilene, Texas

Welcome, Neighbor!

Welcome, friend and fellow pilgrim! From this page you can access anything in this edition of Something Solid. Browse around and make yourself at home.

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Under the stone archway entrance to Renderbrook Spade Ranch, south of Colorado City, Texas

Under the Spade Brand

By Jesse Mullins, editor and publisher, Something Solid [Editor’s Note: As my May cover story on the Spade Ranch for Texas Co-op Power Magazine hits

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