Much Ado About Nothing

Okay, you’ve caught me in full on-the-fly mode. I am prepping the August 2011 issue of Something Solid e-newsletter and I have to fill this

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Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey: A Profile

Gifted, resourceful, and unwaveringly focused, Nancy Pearcey embodies the spirit of a generation of Christian thinkers that has more than held its own in a

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Placekeeper Headline 5

If you receive this as an RSS feed, I apologize. But I need to create some “blank” articles for forthcoming posts I am going to

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Jemully Offices

Deep Discount Deals

For your FANTASTIC discount that you receive because you’re a privileged recipient of this e-newsletter, read on. We’re talking about 50 percent off our published

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Baptism 101

Baptism 101, by Tim Alsup: A Review

Baptism 101: What the Bible Says About Baptism, by Tim Alsup; Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, Tenn.,, 2010; 112 pages, trade paperback. There’s more to this slim

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March Miscellany

Greetings, neighbor! Since visiting with you last, I’ve been sooooo busy! I’ve picked up a second magazine that I now edit (both are handled on

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Twitter Manifesto

Dear Person-Who-Came-Here-Because-I-Followed-Your-Twitter-Account-and-You-Followed-Me-Back-And-Then-I-Direct-Messaged-You-With-A-Greeting-That-Said-You-Get-the-Gold-Star-and-Ended-in-a-Link-That-Took-You-Here: Welcome! I chose to follow your Twitter account because it looked interesting, but there were other traits to your tweets that convinced me

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cross at sunset

What is Truth?

What is Truth? In the Book of Luke, Chapter 9, at verse 62, we find this: Jesus said, “No man, having put his hand to

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